Cru Greek Wide is a student-led movement by Greeks, for Greeks in the ministry of Cru at UK. Our purpose is to help fraternity and sorority members develop in their personal relationship with God, build authentic brotherhood and sisterhood within and between chapters and to inspire and equip members to leave a legacy for Christ at UK.

Fill out a brief contact form at the bottom of this page to get more information on any of the following opportunities:

Chapter Studies: We would love to connect you with a small group in your fraternity or sorority chapter!

First-Year Bible Study - "Going Greek & Growing in God": This is a community fraternity or sorority new members who want to grow in their faith as they start their time in Greek life. The "Going Greek & Growing in God" meets weekly for fellowship and Bible study led by staff.

Cru Large Group Meetings: Cru ministries meet Thursdays at 8pm in Mining and Minerals Building 102 as a Large Group to experience Christ through fellowship and to hear a spiritually engaging message as a community.

Discipleship Groups: If you want to leave a legacy for Christ in your chapter, our staff want to help resource and support you! Join a small group of other Greeks with the same heart for their chapters.

Greek Summit 2018: Greek Summit has been said to be the most amazing 2 1/2 weeks of your college experience! Start your summer joining fraternity men and sorority women from all over the SEC as we learn how to be satisfied to the fullest in your relationship with God and grow as a dynamic leader in your chapter, all in beautiful Destin, Florida!

Cru Summer Missions: Cru Summer Missions give you a chance to be grow tremendously in your faith and get involved in God's work around the world. We believe we are "blessed to be a blessing" and share Christ with the world.

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